What materials are good for shower room partitions?

With the advancement of the times, people's quality of life has also continuously improved. For example, in the area of ​​decoration, many people use dry and wet separation to decorate the bathroom. Separate wet and dry must be a separate shower room, so as to keep the bathroom dry. So what material is good for the shower room partition ? What are the precautions for choosing a shower room partition? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. What materials are good for the shower room partition

1. Moisture-proof board: The moisture-proof board adds some moisture-proof particles in the process of making, and then is made of multi-layer special fiber material with high temperature hot pressing, which is more suitable for humid environment. The cross-section of the moisture-proof board is made of wood fiber with a special moisture-proof agent and then pressed at high temperature, so that it will reduce its expansion after encountering water, which is very suitable for toilet partitions.

2. PVC board: The cross-section of PVC board is made of PVC raw material, which is a vacuum suction mold, suitable for the surface packaging of various panels, so it is also called adhesive film, decorative film, mainly used in building materials, packaging In other industries. Secondly, PVC sheet not only has the advantages of sound insulation and waterproof, but also has a lighter texture and good processing performance.

3. Tempered glass: This glass is made with chemical and physical methods, so that a compressive stress is formed on its surface. For example, when the glass is attacked by external forces, it will first offset its surface stress, thereby increasing its carrying capacity. . So the partition made of it is not only beautiful, but also very safe.

Second, choose the shower room partition matters needing attention

1. Look at the 3C certification: the glass used as a shower room must first be safe and reliable, and the quality must be very good. So be sure to check whether there is a laser printed 3C mark on the glass when buying.

2. Film cover: If the shower partition is made of tempered film, it may explode, so be sure to stick an explosion-proof film on the surface of tempered glass. Even if the glass is cracked, the explosion-proof film will not splash and hurt people, because it will adhere to the explosion-proof film.

3. Roller skating: good quality roller skating has better sealing of the wheel seat, because water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, thus ensuring its smoothness. Secondly, the wheels and rails of the roller skate with good sealing performance run tightly, and the gap is very small, so even if the impact is cut off, it will not fall off.

Editor's summary: The quality of the shower room partition determines the overall quality of the shower room, so you must choose a good quality partition when purchasing. Secondly, it should be cleaned and maintained frequently in normal use, so as to increase its service life and thus maximize its value.

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