Wood grain transfer process process Wood grain transfer process is good

In our home decoration process, we often like to have three-dimensional materials, comfortable texture building materials. But how do these features of building materials come about? Some of them are made through woodgrain transfer processes. We may be unfamiliar with this term. It doesn't matter. Today we passed the following content on woodgrain transfer . Learn to learn together!

Wood grain transfer printing process

The woodgrain transfer printing process is carried out by powdery coating, and is divided into two manufacturing processes of glue and heat transfer, and the production process is not the same. In the first process, the transfer paper is glued on the film and baked at high temperature. The desired pattern is slowly displayed. Process two, through the high pressure equipment to press the paper on the film, high temperature baking, so that the pattern appears, so that technology has been improved, more technical content, the latter use more technology.

Wood grain transfer is not good

Wood grain transfer process can make the products with wooden texture, clear and visible surface, three-dimensional vivid, and good simulation effect. Gradually replace the existing wood decorative materials, more energy saving and environmental protection, different textures of wood finishes, allowing consumers to choose a larger space, so that the decoration is more green.

Wood grain transfer powder coating can also be used on metal materials. Through the operation of the process, a variety of patterns can be printed on metal materials, such as wood texture, stone texture and the like. Due to the printing of different material textures, the process is simple and complex, and the complex process is not yet fully guaranteed. Therefore, most of the wood and stone textures are printed. The production process is also more complicated, but the processes are well stitched.

Woodgrain transfer can be used in aluminum materials, through a special process, in the appearance of aluminum carved into a variety of wood texture, processing technology class. The printed texture has a strong adhesion effect to aluminum materials, and the products produced do not have any taste or zero pollution. The environmentally friendly and green building materials products need to be easy to clean and wash in everyday use. The simulation is good, the wooden texture is vivid and has a strong decorative effect.

The surface of the aluminum material painted and sprayed with wood grain has good durability and ensures the appearance of the product. The surface is stained with dirt. After washing with water, the original appearance can be restored. Processes are often used in products that are highly decorative and require high temperature resistance, such as doors and windows in homes, furniture, and household appliances.

With regard to woodgrain transfer , I will briefly introduce it here and I hope to help you. If you need to learn more about the decoration information, or need to know about other decoration, you can pay attention to our website, more exciting content, waiting for you.

Wood grain wood grain transfer

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