The price of raw materials continues to rise. "Especially for northeast timber and northw

On the afternoon of November 26, Mr. Zhang from Runyuan Furniture City on Haixiu Road told rep

On the afternoon of November 15th, a fire broke out in Jing'an Teacher's Apartment nea

The mahogany furniture can be described as a high-end product in the furniture industry, with

Children have gradually become the center of gravity in their families, and their healthy grow

"Living space has become smaller, and now furniture is also small and handy." Ye

Reform and opening up have opened China's door to the world, with frequent exchanges betwe

Beautiful children's furniture lacks corresponding standards, and 10 kinds of toxic and ha

There are a lot of furniture in the mall. Businessmen display furniture products in the form o

Every off-season, m

In the past 10 years, Sichuan Furniture, which started in the second and third tier markets, h

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